How exactly do you make money with adsense?

If you can give me a few examples on what type of angles people use do this? Thanks

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I've seen many people being able to make a good amount of income from adsense. How it works is that Google will place Ads people have created with Adword on your website like how to appear on the Search Engine Result Page. When someone visits your website and click on an Ad, you will get commission for it. So to make money from adsense, there are a few things you need:

1) Your site must receive a lot of traffic, if not, then where are you going to get people to click on the ads
2) People have to trust you, without trust people wouldn't really click on anything on your website
3) The Ads that appears on your website should be related to the theme of your website. If someone visits your website about sports, it shows that they are interested in sports. You don't want to have ads about "Cosmetics" which is irrelevant to sports.

Hope this helps!

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The rare successful blogger can make good money with adsense, though they sometimes refer to it as 'paying the electric bill' with other sources like affiliate links or paid reviews making more money.

After getting approval by Google you can insert their ad code onto your pages, ads are automatically matched to the content of the page, significantly more earnings come from pages discussing topics people spend money on. Competitive topics have higher ad costs and a bigger percentage to you.

Depending on your country you may have to have a bank account verified for direct deposit, they may not start that process until your getting near the payoff level.

Getting lots of traffic is key, it takes tens of thousands of visitors to earn the $100 min payout.

by Jake - 1 year ago