Why do I need to create unique content from time to time?

Why is it guys that i need to create a unique content?

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It help in getting visitor and do follow back link of you update your blog on daily basis it will be help full for your blog

1 year ago

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If you're meaning about a blog, it is to satisfy search engines and also to keep your regular visitors coming back to your blog.

by Neil - 1 year ago

The content part is very important in the ranking perspective of a website. It must be fresh and unique. If you write the fresh and unique content, then it will help you to improve the traffic for your website and it increases the reputation of the site too.

by Vincent - 1 year ago

Hello Friend
I am very happy about this topic and want to give you some suggestion from my side.
First of all according to new Google updates that is most important your site/blog content is fresh and unique. Second thing, every visitor wants something change to everyday. If you use site/blog content is unique and fresh or updated to time to time. Then mostly visitor visit again and again to your site/blog. And it is helpful for you to generate huge traffic and improve ranking.

by Samuel ken - 1 year ago

The reason you need to add content to your site or blog regularly is to show search engines that your site is valid and continuing to grow, expand and remain relevant.

The reason you need to add unique or original content is any replica content has already been written, so there is no reason for your content to show up in search engines. If its original then their may be a reason for people to want to read it.

adding original quality content can be achived easily through forums, blogs and other social applications.


by Max - 1 year ago