What are major effects high quality backlinks?

Hi Friends,
I am doing optimization of a website and after Penguin update the high quality backlinks are important. I want to know what are major effects of those high quality backlinks for the ranking of the website?

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The major effect of high quality backlinks is that it can improve your value in search engines. That's good for your ranking. In addition, quality links will not be penalized by search engines. After penguin, link must be healthy, and you should know that.


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I try to get high page rank back links.The better ranked pages will bring the best traffic flow.
The higher the page rank that your back links are the higher your site will be ranked.Bookmarks are very good,no matter what field you are in.
These are some freebies that helped me out.Good luck.
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High quality backlinks are those backlinks which are created normally , do not buy or do not try to create thousands of backlinks by using softwares .

by Johny - 1 year ago

High pagerank backlinks are important. But it is also good to have some variety, low quality, high quality etc. But high pagerank will have a better effect, especially with the new update.


by Henry jorge - 1 year ago