EBay question. I am a Canadian seller and I want to make my items available on German eBay site?

So, I am a really new seller on the eBay. I live in Canada so I use Canadian eBay ( to buy and sell items.

Recently, I listed several items, and I notice my items do not show up when searched on German eBay website. They do still show up when I search for them on US and UK ebay website.

I did include Germany (And US, UK, and several other countries) as available shipping destinations when I listed the items.

So, do I have to do something else to make it available on German site? Or is there a law in Germany that heavily regulates and restricts the imports through sale on internet like ebay?

I'm interested in knowing cuz I know Germany's got great market there too.

Thank you in advance!

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Go ask on the Ebay help boards, that is where you will get accurate answers to any and all your questions regarding ebay.

1 year ago