How do you find good directories for submitting niche articles?

I've been learning about all the benefits of writing quality articles and submitting to directories to improve SEO. However, I notice looking at a lot of the bigger, better known directories, that they don't have a category that fits what I would be writing about because it is such a unique topic. I'm wondering if I would be wasting my time, or how I go about finding the right directory that would want to publish the article/topic that I would be discussing. Thanks!

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You should try to find niche relevant directories when submitting your articles. Don't try to submit to as many directories as possible - try to submit to the most high quality directories. For example, article dashboard, ezinearticles,com are great directories (not niche) but still high quality. Less is more in the SEO world when it comes to backlinks.

In addition to article directories, have you considered doing guest posts? Guest blog posts are great, and it's easier to find niche relevant blogs than niche relevant article directories. Guest blog posts are widely accepted and get you higher benefits than simple article directory submissions


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Niche directory submission is becoming increasingly popular. Niche directory submission is nothing but choosing directory submission websites from the relevant niches. For example if you are running a travel website, you should submit to directory submission websites that list travel related services. Niche directory submission has several benefits. The primary benefit has already been discussed. Other benefits of niche directory submission include the following. When you submit your website to directories belonging to your niche, you will be able to attract more targeted traffic. People that come to specific niche related directories reach those directories with a definitive need. So these are highly prospective visitors. By making yourself visible to them, you will be able to increase the chances of conversion.

Moreover, niche specific directory listings have more chances of getting listed in the search results than listings in general directories because of the keyword density and related factors. So if you want to get the maximum out of your directory submission efforts, you must make it a point to spend a considerable amount of time in niche directory submission. You will have to find the right service provider to help you with your niche directory submissions. Not all companies specialize in niche directory submissions as this is a highly challenging task.

So you can not give up submitting articles, it is not a waste of time any more, and you should continue to work hard if you want results.

by Raymond - 1 year ago

That is a nice idea. Submitting sites on a particular niche directory submission site will increase your visibility better. I think all you have to do is type in the nice then follow it with directory sites. KEYWORD directory site.

by Gabrielle - 1 year ago

Multiple resources are available on google.


by John - 1 year ago