Is this website legit?

I was ordering a Darrelle Revis jersey from this website for my boyfriend for Christmas and got a text from Chase Fraud from Chase Bank asking if I made this purchase and I checked my activity online and it shows up on my statement as Hangxy Network Technologies and now I'm not so sure that it's real. I got an email confirmation that seems realistic but when I tried calling them with the number on the website, it seemed kinda fishy.
This is the website:

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NO it is NOT legit -- if you have the opportunity, cancel your order!

The site says the owner is in Texas, but his email is a company in Australia, which is for sale. The site itself is hosted by two different companies, both in China, both known for malicious digital behavior.

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Someone admitting to being a Jets


In all seriousness, you ordered a counterfeit jersey from China. It may or may not ever show up and may or may not look like it is supposed to.

Note to Go With the Flow: The registration info from TX is most likely fake. The site is hosted on "" which is a Chinese hosting service.

by Wayne Z - 1 year ago

From googling
Site is out of the US(texas), and was created on August 28th.
Not a full 6 months. A risk.
But at least it's not from China and just opened 10 days ago.
Those are the ones you need to avoid.

by Go with the flow - 1 year ago