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    SBPRA Publishing real or scam company?

    I am looking to get my book published and I found SBPRA. They have a great website and look like they have a good thing going, but I am hesitant I have read both good and bad things about them. Can anyone give me some first hand knowledge on their experience with this company? If it was bad then for what reason?
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    Hello Joshua, I am a frustrated author, although what I really want to author is a Mathematics textbook for high school. With that, I don't have any experience with SBPRA. But I want to help you determine if it's high risk or not by giving you information about their website, sbpra.com. Their website's identity has a lot to say about them. Here are the information I found about them: 1) They got a "SAFE" report from verify1st.com, an online reputation tool that reveals a website's reputation, identity and relationships. Check it out here: http://verify1st.com/sbpra.com When you go to that link, you should also see that it is closely related to at least 5 other sites with a similarity match of 90.6%. 2) It ranked 561,971st globally and 204,013rd in the US with 425 sites linking into it. This indicates that they are not popular. Check this link: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/sbpra.com 3) The website have existed for a short amount of time. It is only 2 years and 12 days old. Website location is in the United States, not blacklisted and will expire on October 31, 2013. Owner is unknown. It is using a proxy service to hide its identity. This could be because they don't want to receive spams. Still, consumers should be vigilant because it is a common behavior of scam sites. 4) One online reputation site, which based its ratings from people's opinions doesn't have a reputation yet for this website. Concerning computer threats, Google and other online malware checker reported this website as safe to use. 5) I visited the website and there's a lot of information given. Contact numbers are provided even though physical address was not. I also see their Facebook, twitter and other badges in their website but when I clicked them, I am expecting to be redirected to their fan page but I was redirected to my homepage instead. It seems to that they don't have a Facebook and twitter fan page. This is all. It is up to you to determine if the website is high-risk or not. I hope I was able to help you with this. God bless!
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