Any experiences with social bookmarking demon ?

I think that social bookmarking demon is very powerful seo tool, but the price is too big, so I dont want to lose my its worth that money ?

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Nice to meet you Anna,
I personally use social bookmarking demon on my sites and I got really good results with it. If you want star rocket your site, then you have to download this software. It also has good rating - check this ..Good luck with social backlinks

1 year ago

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Get a real job - with a real employer - with real income.
Stop falling for scams.

by Go with the flow - 1 year ago

That doesn't sound like an investment. It sounds like a virus. I can imagine someone making my computer bookmark every social page I visit as trusted content. (shudder)

by Charles - 1 year ago

Yeah I've heard of it, expensive I must say. There are other tools you might want to look at, much more cost effective and with a better turnout. Plus most can offer you packages you can choose from which better suit your needs. I find that better than just relying on someone telling me what is better for my site. I'd rather search and then choose among the best offered.

Hal Smith
URLdreamer Consultant

by Hal Smith - 1 year ago