Help Finding A Good Blog Name!?

All you need to know: A few months ago I moved across the country. I'm in 8th grade. This year so far is really hard, but I am moving back to my home town in seven months, and I'm super excited.

About the Blog: I want it to be about my struggles with fitting in, and about middle school. I also want to have polls about music, opinions, writing, weather, and more. I want to be able to talk about fun topics and school.

It can involve-
My Name: Max
The subjects: School and Random

I want a few ideas from each person, thanks. In return I'll answer your questions.

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This is tough, but how about "My [9/10] months at the tap end". The first part - obvs just the time you were away from your town. The second "tap end" part is something from a radio 1 show in the UK called '24years at the tap end' - its a radio blog by this dude who spent the first 24 years of his life always sitting at the tap end of the bath coz he didn't think to sit the other end (that everyone else does). Its essentially a piss take about his life as he's a complete comedy buffoon, but it's hilarious. In your case the tap end is a place far from where you feel you belong and never felt natural for you.... feel free to say that is a load of sh1t but I tried!

1 year ago