Is the market networking company QI a scam?

Today I attended a market networking meeting for QI (Questnet) and I was told about how successful u can be by purchasing few products. But I have a lot of questions about this company that just don't make sense.Like why do they always hold meetings in random places and if they are such a big RICH company then why don't they have their own office? Also, today the guy who was a senior leader was banging on about how far his got to in life after joining it and says how his raking it in with money, yet when I looked at his watch it was some crappy watch why wasn't it rolex or sumfin? Ok I know that doesn't determine the genuinity of the business but they all more or less looked like tramps and didn't look at all like their "rolling in money". Also why do internal representatives of the business have to buy a product why can't an outsider buy it? And, is there a legislation/Act that covers this sort of thing? And last of all they said the money that is earned "does not have to be declared to the government" if I'm earning upto £500p/w and don't declare this, aint this illegal? Is it a scam?

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Good lord - don't you see you are being scammed?

1 year ago