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    How can I drive more traffic to my website?

    I am starting a website that features Fail videos, funny videos, bloopers and more but am having trouble getting traffic. I am using Wordpress with a great template and using Wrodpress SEO. Site address is http://www.failcomp.com Any Thoughts?
    2 years ago 3 Answers

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    Add few back links from directory submission and blog posting and blog commenting
    a few seconds ago

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    • You can drive more traffic to your website by promoting your sites in many ways.You can also do SEO to do the same.

      by ? - 20 hours ago

    • Great Site ! Such a excellent site you have mention over. I really enjoyed your site. Don't make more efforts to promote this website. Just you have to share your site to social network and go for social media optimization. Let people know about the website means spread awareness. Thanks :)

      by Peter - 20 hours ago

    • Videos are particularly well-positioned to go viral, so what you want is to make sure that: (i) you're promoting your videos on social channels: YouTube and Twitter are the primary ones. Don't be afraid to post a video to Twitter and ask for a "RT if you think this is funny!" People will do this, and it can quickly go viral. (for tips on what to Tweet, study copywriting for an evening; the key is to be compelling in 140 characters, and it takes practice) (ii) you're watermarking your videos so that wherever your video is shown, it includes a link back to your site (iii) you're optimizing your videos for SEO. SEO for videos is generally easier than SEO for sites, but that's not to say that it's easy. There are some basics that you'll want to do, and then you should also search around for tips on best practices for video SEO.

      by wallacrw - 20 hours ago

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