Does Google and the other search engines still take notice of the keyword meta tag?

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This is always a mixed question. Some people believe it doesn't make a different whether you use meta keywords, titles and descriptions and that it does not help you get ranked, help you get indexed, help your website get spydered, etc.

Honestly as a person that has been doing SEO and SEM for over ten years I can tell you -- YES it does matter and YES Google and other search engines do take notice. If you don't trust anyone on here telling you what is right and what is wrong, you could always test it out for yourself. Create two of the same niched sites with the same keywords with the same SEO and SEM tactics. One with Meta and one without. See which one gets indexed quicker and which one get's better results on the SERPs.


1 year ago

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Yeah of course. After latest Google panda & penguin update still keyword & meta tag has its importance.

by Stephen - 1 year ago

Google definitely does not pay any attention to the meta keyword list, it was just too easy to manipulate the engines with terms that didn't really appear in the content, I'm not sure about the other search engines, though they often follow Google's lead.

by Jake - 1 year ago

Google doesn't pay attention Meta Keywords. You can always check the Google Webmaster Tools


by Obsessive Hunting Disorder - 1 year ago