Cancel Ebay bid as a seller?

Okay, so I've got a first sell on ebay (first time user). Buyer wants to pay the total so no bids were made. He currently asked for total payment including all shiping and stuff, but he lives in UK (I'm from USA),I don't want to sell internationally. How can I cancel this bid? He havn't reply to my messages.

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Look for the site map (it's a link on the bottom of every page).
Then look for cancel bids.
Remember to block them from bidding too.

Note, any time a "buyer" says they don't want to bid, give me a total, you've got a problem. Normal people bid. Scammers don't want to bid and they won't pay either. Game players want to buy for less than the going rate and if this isn't something like exercise equipment and they live down the street, don't do it.

I was in one auction where the seller told me later they got a request to cancel the auction for $50. The item sold for $300.

1 year ago