Meta Tags within WordPress?

Can anyone tell me how to insert meta tags (in particular the keyword meta tag) within pages on my WordPress site for on page SEO purposes?

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Adding tags to your wordpress site is simple and you don’t even need to know any code!

Simply add the plugin “All in One SEO Pack” which you can search for within the WordPress control panel (Plugins>Add New). Once you have activated it you will have some options at the bottom of each post where you can add a Title, a Description and Keywords. Simply fill out this information before you publish each post and you are done.


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Yes there is option of Meta Tags, just log in WordPress and type url of that page which you wish to to add metas and edit that page you can see meta tags option there !

by SEO - 1 year ago

Install an seo plugin:

Platinum SEO
All in one SEO

Just search SEO in the Add new plugin area.

Google no longer uses the keyword metatag, fyi.

by Inda Cloud - 1 year ago