If my webhost company keeps another site which is identical to mine, does that affect my SEO?

They say its a demo site.
I tried erasing it using ftp and my site also dissapeared, I had to reinstall it.
Isn't this detrimental for my Google positions?
There exists a no-follow command ithink, but they never said they use it.

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No It shouldn't.

Hal Smith
URLdreamer Consultant

1 year ago

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Unfortunately duplicate content is never good in Google's eyes, so it would be good for your site to be unique and the only version. If Google can crawl this duplicate site, then it won't be good. It's not the end of the world, but you should try and get the duplicate site removed if possible. Is it on another URL?


by Graeme Olsen - 1 year ago

SEO is not based on the design of the websites , it is fully base on the content. If the site is a duplicate don't worry Google does not consider that one which is duplicate. try to know the launching date of that website using whois function and contact your hosting provider and make a notification about it.

by Davidbilla - 1 year ago

You can see if Google has indexed a page by putting in to Google: "". This will show if it's indexed. If it's not indexed, and it's the "demo" site then no worries - just continue with your genuine site.

If the "demo" site IS indexed, one option is to set up a "301 redirect" from the demo site page to your genuine page. This transfers all authority to your genuine site. If you are on Wordpress, use the Simple 301 Redirect plugin.

by Robert - 1 year ago