simple ebay help.....?

So i bought a phone case last tuesday or wednesday and i got an email saying that they can't find my house. I ordered an iPod case monday n it came on saturday so I'm thinking that i just typed my address wrong. How can I submit a new address on ebay bc I'm not sure if i wanna email the sender it just for privacy n safety reason

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Whats the difference? either way the sender is gonna know your address... I just recommend you e-mail the sender director.

1 year ago

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how about workplace or any other public place where you can get deliveries

by booklove - 1 year ago

It might be the problem with the courier company which reported wrong address, Because ebay gives same address on your profile to all sellers and there is no way it happen like that. If you do not get item within 7days of shipping provided by selller your amount will be automatically refunded by ebay. So just let ebay refund your money and buy again

by Rajasekhara Reddy - 1 year ago

The seller needs your address because they send the item, so no idea what you're on about!

by Jo W - 1 year ago