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    Can ebay sellers cheat on bidding?

    I was bidding on a idem and i was out bidded and i let the idem go. Then a day later i won it at my max bid i placed. Im guessing the seller had a shill account and out bid me and canceled his bid at the last minutes. i sent a message and the seller said he had to cancel the bid cause a under age kid bid on the idem and was messaged to cancel the bid, i personally think it's a lie. And he did the samething with an other idem but the idem has not ended yet. My question is can they do this and if not how do i go about reporting them? And if i can't report them can i leave a feed back saying how i think they cheated on the bidding.
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    eBay already watches IP addresses to look for shill bidding (that's where a seller bids the item up to find your max bid, then removes the last bid). Shill bidding is illegal. It is odd that they attract this problem. However, the preferred method for most bidders is to WATCH the auction until the last 5 minutes, then bid once. Then if you win, you know it. There's less chance of a sport bidder playing games with yout, etc. Note, if you bid early and the seller *does* cancel the bid, you can win and will owe the money.
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    • Shill bidding does happen but far less often than people think. ebay keep a close watch out for suspect bidding and if a seller is suspected of using shill bids they get banned from ebay. 3 times in the last couple of months i have had to remove bids very close to the end of an auction. 2 from people who emailed me saying they had bid in error and one from a guy whose feedback showed he tended not to pay! If the seller had to remove a bid (the one that beat yours) there was still others bids up to just under your max figure, ebay would ONLY put your bid in up to an amount just enough to beat the next highest bidder. So say your max bid was £75 and you were beaten. The the seller removed the bid that beat yours. ebay would automatically bid for you up to your maximum, as it was your maximum (£75) that won then there were other bidders in up to about £74. An asy way for you to check is to go onto your 'My ebay' page and click on purchases, then click on the item you have just won and the listing will come up. On it will be a line near the top saying Winning bid xxx amount. Then it will say how many bids were made. click on the number of bids and a list of them will come up showing how many bidders there were, how much they bid and when they bid.

      by Fairdo4all - 10 hours ago

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