Ebay question (EASY 10 PTS)?

So i order a game and i live in Maryland and yesterday it said it was in OAKLAND, ME and i check again today and it still says its there? and it says its "USPS First Class Package"

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Don't worry about it. The other answers have identified some of the reasons.

First, sometimes it takes a while for a package scan to show up in the system. I've found that especially to be the case before the package is picked up.

Then, USPS doesn't operate on Sunday. So there might be a lag there.

If it's showing up when you track it, it's in the system and moving.

The only thing to possibly be concerned about is the hurricane that's going to strike Monday-Tuesday. That could disrupt things and delay delivery. Otherwise though, you're fine.

Hope that helps.

1 year ago

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I had the same thing with USPS it said it was still in america but the parcel has already been delivered to me

by Music - 1 year ago

The US Post Office (USPS) does not really work on the weekends and doesn't update statuses as often as the private carriers - UPS, FedEX, etc.

by RoBear - 1 year ago