Best Place to advertise my Blog?

I have a new Blog advertising my business and would like to know the best place advertise so that I can generate business. The website is as follows any suggestions will help. Thank you

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Hi Paige,
Do a search for "fashion", "beauty products" plus the word "blogs". For example, "fashion blogs", "beauty products blogs", "review cosmetics blogs", etc.

Take a look at the comments already there before you do anything. You want to figure out what kinds of customers they are trying to reach. Then post a comment with your site's url in the field under your name and email address, there often is one. If there isn't a way to leave a comment that allows you to enter your site's url, move on.

Next, go to the sites that are women related, a few links at the bottom. Join a forum or two, not more than 3 because you'll be answering questions as they relate to your products but no promoting. For example, if someone says they have break-outs from a certain cosmetic, you could tell them about a few ingredients that cause it. Here's the great thing about this, when you join you get to have what's called a "signature" in your answers. In it you can put your site's address, and if you want people to contact you, your business email.

Finally, think about the types of customers that would be the best for your products. Are your products at the lowest price out there, compared to Dollar stores or Walmart? Or is the price of your products a bit more, like Macy's or Estee Lauder? You have to look at what type of woman would buy them. Does she go to fine restaurants or will Mickey D's do.

Online, perception is everything. That's what you want to keep in mind when promoting your business. Where your business is "found", is more important than what you sell. You'll understand that as you go along.


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You're obviously fairly computer savvy so there are a ton of things you can do yourself. Do you already have accounts at Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest? Campaign for followers by providing USEFUL information to your potential customers. Offer how-to articles and videos (YouTube). Here's an article that might help:


by scared - 1 year ago

I read the book "Social Media is Bullsh**" and I learned that there is no better way to promote your site or blog is outside of the Internet. Put your blog link on a business card and network. Literally start with all your friends. Supplement your blog with FB, twitter, RSS feeds, LinkedIn, etc.. It's like in Football, a great quarterback with poor teammates never win the Super Bowl (Dan Marino). Cant just have a good blog. Provide solutions, promote interactions and not just you "talking". Give something for signing up...people need to say to themselves "I need to sign up to this"...otherwise they'll view and continue. I just started my company it's an education site (still under construction) to educate people who are interested in trading in the foreign exchange market. I started with a twitter (300+ followers now by his providing free information and tips), then FB page (today), then the website (soon), etc. Look at source for my twitter and watch how I grow this to a real company...I will have a blog as well one day but I'm not sure how to do it just yet (a bit involved I think).


by mondox84 - 1 year ago