i have a question about ebay?

ok so im selling somthing on ebay. I put it as a action and also put a buy it now option if people want it right away. My question is if the auction price goes over the buy it now price will it still give buyers the option of choosing buy it now

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I'm not as current on eBay practices now as I once was, but back in the day once an auction bid was placed the buy-it-now option was no longer available. That may have changed.

1 year ago

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I do not use Ebay much, but that wouldn't make any sense. If I was bidding on an item, and it was coming close to the buy it now price. I would think it would become a race to the buy it now button the closer it gets to the buy it now price. Why pay anymore than you have too?

by darunner14 - 1 year ago