Legitimate paid survey sites? Easy 10 points!?

I've noticed some and need some money (I'm only 13) but I don't know which ones are safe and legitimate. Does anyone know of any? Please help!!

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Almost all are scams. Consider the perspective of companies: why would they pay you to take surveys? What knowledge, information, or experience do you possess that brings them value? Probably very little. Most survey sites pay a few pennies per survey and you must accumulate at least $50 before they will payout.

There is NO free money to be found. Anyone telling you otherwise has a vested interest in convincing you otherwise. They will get a commission when you sign up through them.

I once signed into (they advertised on late-night cable) using a disposable e-mail address and within just moments I received hundreds of spam messages. I was never able to navigate through any of their welcome messages to a real survey…just more e-mail address verification screens. To this day I still receive hundreds of spam per month just for trying them out. I suspected it was a scam, which is why I used a disposable address that I keep just for this purpose.

These survey sites make money by selling your personal information. Don't waste your time unless you really want those pennies.

1 year ago