E-commerce Website starting?

I want to create a website like amazon, and such..
but I have no idea where to start?
Where do I get the products?
How do I start the website?
Who do I go through?
Who can I trust?
Do I need a ecommerce script please help I am ready to get on my career.
Thank you for your time, if your answer is good 5* :)

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How large is your budget? It is totally possible, and the website itself can even be done at a reasonable cost, the bulk of your cost would be in marketing. Honestly, if it was that easy to create a website that was like amazon, don't you think Google or Facebook would have done it?

but I have no idea where to start? Start by contacting a web design and development firm.

Where do I get the products? Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, & Dropshippers.

How do I start the website? You pay a website designer/developer.

Who do I go through? Anyone who is competent in web design and development.

Who can I trust? If the website looks legitimate, has proven results, and a toll-free number, chances are they are a legitimate company. Make sure they are in the USA. Ask for references. Ask many questions,

Do I need a ecommerce script please help I am ready to get on my career. An eCommerce script would save you some money, but if you want a site like Amazon, you may need it customized heavily, so it may just make sense to custom code it.


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You sound lost my friend ;)
I am farely knew to this myself but there is a site im interested in using when Im fully prepared...hopefully soon..It was referred to me awhile back but honestly the site looks cheesy. Its a web hosting site to help people like me without much experience get started. I came across it again and actually, im personally going to give it shot.

I wish i had more personal experience with it myself but others have and it seems perfect for me.
Heres the link for Pagebuzz....hope everything works out.

by Ashley - 1 year ago

Hi - Your question have noting to do whit SEO but if you ask me -first you have to find a suppliers,and products that You like to sell,build a website and do some SEO for Your site.Site like a Amazon are almost impossible to beat an SEO level,but if you make a 2-3 sites (1 for shoos ,1 for electronics, and so on..)You got a better chance of success.Good luck and if you need a SEO advice ask here!:)


by tony5 - 1 year ago

1)Figure Out Which products to Sell
2)Credit / Debit Card
3)Register Domain Name
4)Email Account
5)Find Web Hosting
6)Build Web Site / Online store
7)Promote your site
8)You need Merchant Accounts / Credit Cards Processor


by Fiona - 1 year ago

If you are planning to start a website, better read these 10 tips below. Good luck


by El.Honda - 1 year ago