eBay question!!!!!!!?

Okay so I shipped a item to buyers this might sound weird but I have my iPhone and check the buyer address right it down to the box, and when I got home check my laptop went to eBay check them have a different zip code 12463 on my iPhone is 12464 so I am screwed......!!!!!!!!! Is it just me and I triple my computer and iPhone again they have completely different zip code I sent the packge to the wrong zip code..!!!!!!!!!
What do you mean redirect? Is that mean they will just figure it out. The address right but the zip code is wrong. Can I call it let them change the zip code

Thank you

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no they will redirect your package to right address. i always recheck zipcode by entering address in


2 years ago

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Call the postage company and have them return the item to you.

by Nax - 2 years ago