how do you make your own website for free?

okay so i want to make a website, mind you, im 14 so i cant spend any money. I just got a new laptop so i need to make sure i dont download anything because i dont want a virus and i dont want to download aything. When or if i do make a website, how do i promote it and what do i need to know for all of this :) i need logical answers and step by step directions, please help me and thanks for taking the time to read and answer my question.
oh and i want to make a website to like help people, like this website, how you ask questions, but a little different :) thanks

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If you plan to make your own website you'll need a domain and monthly hosting services which require some monthly expense.The best option I would suggest you "free of cost" is blogging where you can write your own articles and make money via advertisements and sponsors.There're lot of blogging sites like,squidoo, which you can sign up for free and start blogging right away.But be sure whether there is any age restriction to join.Whether you have your website or blog,you can promote them via free classifieds,social networking sites,offline advertising like visiting cards and pamplets & other ways.

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Try this hosting company. Aside from providing a simple way to content management, hosting, site stats, e‑mail, e‑commerce, blogs, forums, polls, photo galleries, product catalogs, fulltext search, RSS and much more... Everything on this hosting company is free, unless you want to use your own domain name, then of course, you will have to buy the domain name.


Check out, its a website that was created using webnode.

by Prolatic Media - 2 years ago