Is there a website someone can ask if others have a particular item to sell?

I am looking for a particular older Krups juicer. Ive looked on ebay, amazon, etc. without luck. I loved this old juicer and it works perfectly. I just need the food pusher that I no longer have. I am willing to buy a used juicer just to get the part. Ive tried looking for the part itself, but since it's so old and not in stock anymore, I haven't had any luck. The model is a 267. I was able to find one on Craigslist, but the seller has not contacted me back and it's been awhile. So perhaps that one is no longer available. It's been up for sale since March.

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Hi, you can try here:

There is also a phone number listed to call.

Another idea is to contact the buyer of this item, which did not sell on Ebay. Make sure it is the same model. Ask if they can relist it then you can purchase it.

Hope that helps!

2 years ago