Cross Search Engine optimization methods?

Since different search engines have different algorithms how can one optimize a site to effectively reflect all the SEO methods of the different search engines. While i am having 98% impact from Google i always have less than 1% from other search engines like Bing and other search engines...whats responsible for this?
Yes my site is a Wordpress site

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The number of people that use Google over Bing or Yahoo is staggering! You can have a #1 ranking at Yahoo and get less traffic than say a #9 rank at Google for the same keyword. Usually though, if you rank well at Google, you are going to rank well at the others. The other alternative is to rank sub-pages at the other engines. Test a few pages out and tweak things based on results. Good luck!

2 years ago

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Is your site on a wordpress platform? There are some great plugins that picks up all search engines.


by Brad - 2 years ago