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    Question about affiliate program ...help please :)?

    am new to affiliate program, but i dont have website so when the company asks me about my website (enter a website name or newsletter) i dont know what to write...BUT the company said its okay having no website.I intend making youtube videos, creating promotional emails...so what should i write ? please help..i need to know some basic skills
    10 months ago 1 Answer

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    You don't need to have a website. The company will give you your affiliate link with the unique ID so that you can spread it through out the Internet and everybody who comes after your link is your referral. I am now using Edu-Profit affiliate program. I don't have a site, but I am posting in Q&A services my link, buy banner place on fiverr's gigs with my link and get not much but $20-40 a day. BTW, here is my affiliate link lol - http://www.edu-profit.com/?rid=352
    a few seconds ago

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