what would be the best name (as far as seo is concerned) for a blog?

that has a book about werewolves, some tips about cats, like how to introduce a new cat to a house with other cats in it, cats pictures, and also a book and a few tips about asperger.
would it be books for young adults? books about asperger syndrome? or something else? what is the best thing for seo? because it's kind of a mixed blog.

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The only thing I will advise is actually - do not use exact match up area along with keywords! Google penalizes for this!Use Google's keyword device to try how often your keywords are widely-used, then choose a term or perhaps phrase and make use of in which inside the title and also URL of your blog post. The best reputation for your blog will be the targeted keyword which you have chosen to your blog site.


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If you have a blog with a main theme, then you would think about the type of people you want to read your blog. then think about what the words they might be using to search with when they find you. use Google's keyword tool to test how frequently the keywords are used...then pick a word or phrase and use that in the title and URL of your blog. However, if it is more of a personal blog with many themes, then think of a catchy name like "Tips from 'your name'", or "Life According to 'your name'", or if your name is something you can make a cute reference with like Jenni from the Blog (this has been used many times so don't pick that!). Brainstorm about words that are related to "mixed", like miscellany, menagerie, etc. Then build your social media account using that name so you can build a following using social media rather than pure organic search. good luck!


by SEO - 2 years ago

the only thing I can suggest is - do not use exact match domain with keywords! Google penalizes for this!

by Shades - 2 years ago

If you want SEO benefit, then the best name for your blog would be the target keyword which you have chosen for your blog.

by Heine - 2 years ago