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    astro30s are they good for gamebattles?

    i want some a30s but can u hear ppl plant bomb and hear footsteps and hear ppl change weapons r they good for hearing other players alot by the way i play mw3 starting to play bo2 when it comes
    a few seconds ago 1 Answer

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    You can NEVER hear someone planting the bomb, you can only hear when they pick it up to defuse it, whether it's a fake defuse or a full defuse. You will be able to hear footsteps, changing weapons and defusing bombs but that depends on how loud you have the headset, you can hear all of those things above with a £40-50 turtle beach though. Astro's are pointless to get unless you use the mix amp, if you do you have have Dolby digital 5.1 surround sound which means you can hear left, right, up, down and every other direction EXTREMELY distinguished and clear unlike with turtle beach which is just stereo surround sound meaning you can only hear left and right clearly. Basically if you're willing to spend extra get the Astro's and mix amp, if you don't want the mix amp the Astro's are just a more expensive version of a turtle beach so get the turtle beach instead.
    3 years ago

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