What can I do to get my website up in google page ranking?

I live in Vietnam and have a real estate company there. Although there is barely any competition my website: is stuck at page 6-8 if you type: house for rent in Hoi An. It has been online for 2 month. If anyone could advise on what I am missing out. I would really appreciate. Thanks in advance. Alex

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You should have a reference list of several search keywords you want to rank for, and track your search ranking periodically. You may discover you are getting better ranking for some unexpected terms.

Rank checking tools include the free rankchecker for firefox or the rankcheker in the free evaluation version of SEO Powersuit to generate a search ranking report for the list of keywords, the latter has some other analysis functions.

Search ranking takes time, an important ranking factor is the number of links from other sites that Google sees as popularity votes. They are getting more serious about penalizing paid links created just for ranking manipulation.

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Dear first of you have to make necessary changes for SEO and SEM in your site like as
>> should be easy to navigation
>>use limited no of links
>> use proper redirection if necessary
>> use proper meta tags, and

hire a seo/smo expert or contact any service offering company for good quality work of submission to get listed in all major search engine like google,yahoo,and msn

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Ishav Khan
SEM Expert

by Ishav Khan - 2 years ago