Is trustworthy?

I was on deviantart, and there was this girl who posted a picture of her new Acer ICONIA-6120, and claimed that she got it from She said it was completely free, and all she needed to do was enter her e-mail address and her home address.

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It's just one more of a flood of fake "free gift" offers that come with so many hoops to jump through that most people never qualify for the gift. The girl is in all likelyhood a fake, perhaps an affiliate marketer who gets a couple of bucks for anyone submitting their email address (their interest ends there).

They can stay on the right side of the gray legal line by disclosing the more realistic details in find print at the bottom, read that and any terms links down there. Again, they may really give away the gadget, but only to a small number determined and organized enough to fulfill the requirements without having product "trials" run into additional high credit card charges, some operations abiding by the law manage to only rarely give out the gift, other probably never deliver a prize.

The company that may be behind them, (it uses the same mailing address)

I see the same address used by,,,,,,, Cash Advance | Debt Consolidation | Insurance

You can find plenty of complaints:

using same business address

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