Is a good site to buy from?

They're selling things for pretty cheap so I'm wondering if they're a problematic site to buy from.

2 years ago - 3 answers

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I signed up too then freaked out because I didn't see any secure browsing notifications. I immediately changed all my passwords. I might just be paranoid, but better safe than sorry.

Edit: If you look through their privacy policy it references another site - The "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy" are identical - it seems they forgot to edit out the references to the other site. I'm guessing they just copied it over to make the site look legit. I feel like an idiot.

2 years ago

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It's a newly registered domain, so I'm hesitant.

by Margaret - 2 years ago

Well I 'signed up' and they don't send you a confirmation email so it's pointless.

by Jared Gruenwald - 2 years ago