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    Which of the following would best benefit the development of niche marketing?

    A. a decline in the cost of advertising on radio and newspapers enabling firms to more efficiently reach a wide audience B. a Supreme Court ruling that limits the market share individual firms in a market are allowed to serve C. a growing acceptance of free trade agreements such as NAFTA D. a manufacturing improvement enabling firms to more efficiently design and produce specialized products for small groups of consumers
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    Best Answer

    It depends... If it is a niche market then none of the above might apply. Advances in technology will not further enhance the "buggy whip" niche market. Right? Throw away B,C,D in a case like that and refocus A to build activity awareness. Long shot because how many more people can you entice into using "buggy whips"? In this case you need to find who they are and where they live and own that space... For more information (if serious) contact me at www.phoenixstrat.com for a consult.
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    Other Answers

    • All of them would benefit a niche market but D has the most direct benefit.

      by Ed Atun - 3 hours ago

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