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    google analytics isn't working! Need Help!!?
    Hey! I have two websites and in those two websites ive been running analytics for a long time now, from a few weeks now, the analytics were messing up and the numbers were reducing (like, a page that used to have 1000 views now has 300) which makes no sense, so I was trying to re install the code, but that didn't work, so I deleted the profile of my two websites, and created the profiles again, and re inserted the code in both sides. now, in the first website, i installed the tracking, and analytics said it was succesfully installed, its been more than 24 hours now and it still isnt getting any data. and in the other website, it just appears like i havent installed the tracking.. I installed the code using wordpress editor tool. when you go to appearance and edit, but not from the direct file i have on my pc and the server. would that be the cause? but anyways analytics wasnt working fine from a long time now I need hlpp!i need to see who's visiting m site :(
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    It's certainly possible that pasting the code into the wrong theme module could report activity in only parts of your blog. There are several WP plugins that appear to handle the analytics linkup, might be worth a try, of course you would want to remove your pasted in code while testing the plugin. Doing it this way you can change themes without breaking the analytics code.
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