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    why do some people on Craigslist spell out they're phone number in the ad?

    3 months ago 3 Answers

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    If you write out your phone number online (or your email address) there are programs that can swipe your info. and sell it to other businesses to contact you (which is not legal, but its still done). They spell out their phone number to keep those harvester programs from catching their phone number and selling it to salespeople.
    a few seconds ago

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      by Kev - 6 hours ago

    • well think about it this way...spelling out your phone number would make it easier for "spammers" not to talk you...I mean why would they waste time reading the whole add if they don't see numbers for the phone number contact... this way only the ones truly interested who have read the add fully, will know that there is a phone number they can contact.

      by ? - 6 hours ago

    • Some people don't have easy access to the internet so they place their phone number in there so that the person can call them and make arrangements for the potential buyer to see whatever it is that they're selling. Sometimes it saves time because you don't have to go back and forth with potential buyers with all kinds of questions (what condition is it in? will you accept less than your asking price? when can I drop by to check out what you're selling?)

      by The CPA Guy - 6 hours ago

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