Something is wrong with my computer or search engines... whats wrong?

Every time i search something on search engines ( Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, even on myspace) it searches it but when i click on the links it always goes to a different page. It goes to this page [] please help this is driving me crazy D:

4 years ago - 2 answers

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You have a browser hijack virus. Ouch!

Microsoft has a free "Malicious Software Removal Tool" you can download. Go to for the latest one.

If you recall, there was a big hijacking virus that was set to 'go off' on April 1. That was called the Conficker virus - it was on the news alot at the time. You can get a removal tool for conficker at Symantec's site,

If your browser won't let you go to the sites, you have to download it from an uninfected computer. Follow all instructions carefully. Once you have your computer cleaned, you should find, install, update and run a reliable anti-virus software, such as grisoft's free AVG or Defender from microsoft.

4 years ago

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bam, malicious redirects...

set your computer on fire and buy a new one...
unless you can stand to find programs to remove the virus or reinstall your Operating System.

by Edward_Evil - 4 years ago