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    How to get a search engine to pick up my website?

    I have tried Google's add url but it just doesn't work. Tons of spiders have crawled my site, but they're all for rss=2 kind of things. Any ideas how to get the search engine to pick it up? I have heard recently that search engines don't really look for <meta> tags, but I have them anyway. Here's my site url (totally safe) http://billym.macabreink.com/ Thanks for all your help, -Billy
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    Hope . You have submitted your site via http://www.google.com/webmasters If not , Just Login and submit your site. If you have recently added your url , Just wait for 2 weeks. Google bot will take upto 3 weeks to crawl your page. If you really want to optimize your webpages , Just Use this amazing free services http://www.w3optimizer.com/seo-freebies.php W3Optimizer has helped many webmasters, SEO and including myself helping to improve the search engine ranking dramatically. The seo tool is very simple and easy to use that even a newbie webmaster can use it effectively and see the improvements in the search engine ranking. Go and make use it here. http://www.w3optimizer.com/
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    • nice site! good layout. i like the pictures on top. hmm... what about dogpile? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AsYZEztpxr2c_MYAqDlVHTHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090525184910AAnS8qU

      by ? - 19 hours ago

    • Did you site indexed in Yahoo, MSN .... Submit Sitemap.xml to Google you can get response Quickly to index in Google Go to Google adwords and add that code in your website, Also add Google Analytics which is the best way to find traffic to your website and to index in Google. More information http://www.pegasyssoft.com , http://www.fundootemplates.com/

      by sathishreddy - 19 hours ago

    • Just keep re submitting your website, but the best way to get your site on google is to get your website as a link on many other websites. The way google works is the more websites linking to yours, the greater the chance it will be indexed and the higher up in results it will be. Also google reads text only, it doesn't read pictures so try to have a lot of text on your pages talking about what your website is about. Don't just list words on the website because it knows.

      by Josh - 19 hours ago

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