What is standard commission pay rate for print advertising sales reps?

I have a small, free distribution, newsprint sports event (i.e., running races) calendar publication, and have been doing it all by myself since I started 9 months ago. I want to look at bringing on a sales rep to help. My prices are very low in relation to other options for advertising events in print publications. Ad prices rage from $250 - $800. There's probably not enough potential to make it a full time job for someone, so I'm considering a commission-only structure for a freelance type sales rep. I'm worried that my advertising rates aren't high enough to provide enough revenues to make it worth the time of a sales rep. If I need to raise rates in order to be able to reasonably compensate a sales rep, I worry that I'll price myself out of the market.
I'm guessing that I'd need to pay 20%-40%. What is the range of commissions that other publications pay their reps? Is a publication like this using freelance, part-time, commission only sales reps very common mode

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For commission-only advertising sales reps, with a product priced like your's, it's pretty standard to pay your rep 30% for new business and 20% for renewal business. But because your advertising is so inexpensive, don't expect to get too many experienced sales professionals applying for your position. You might want to target stay-at-home moms and dads to sell your advertising. Good luck!


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Try researching the Chamber of Commerce in your area. Your rates have to reflect your demographic zone. A freelance writer in Los Angeles, CA will not earn the same as another in Ft. Collins, CO.

by Briones - 7 years ago