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    I wrecked my car running a errand for my work are they responsible for it?

    a few seconds ago 23 Answers

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    If you were responsible for the damage, then you are responsible for paying for it. However if you damaged someone else's car or injured someone, then both you and the employer are liable, assuming you were required to take your vehicle instead of a company vehicle and that you were required to run the errand. If someone else hit you, then that person's insurance is responsible.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • If you're car was wrecked due to an errand authorized by your company during WORK TIME, then they should be rsponsible. There is a term called "course of employment". Any damage to your personal vehicle, even a ticket, can be charged to the company if it happended during your work time and it is work-related. You just have to ask your insurance co to provide you the form and have your employer sign it, then they will assume responsibility. Don't assume it yourself.

      by fortune cookie - 7 hours ago

    • Insurance follows the car. That is the primary principle in car insurance. All other insurance is excess. If you have no insurance, your job might cover any liability you might have if it's not your fault, but I doubt that they would pay for any damage to your car.

      by C R - 7 hours ago

    • Without knowing more information there is no way to know one way or the other. Alot of it's going to depend on your states insurance laws. Some states would require the employer to either help defray the costs, where as others would hold the employer completely responsible, or not at all. You personal insurance policy is a good place to start. Read your policy, if you don't understand something call your agent. There are also other considerations, was the car parked legally, did the employer ask you to run the errand, were you running the errand during business, or was this something you just popped in before/after work on your way home. There's alot of different factors that can be taken into consideration, and most of it's going to depend on your states laws regarding such accidents.

      by Doc H - 7 hours ago

    • no you are

      by Neil G - 7 hours ago

    • It totally depends on if you voluntarily drove your car to run the errand for your work. If you could've taken a company car for the errand but chose your car instead, then their commercial policy will likely not cover it. But if you didn't cause the damage, then you can't be penalized by your insurer for filing a claim for an accident that wasn't your fault. So, why even worry about if your work's insurance covers it, your own insurance covers it without penalty to you. So go that route.

      by markmywordz - 7 hours ago

    • You say you wrecked your car, yet it was parked and unoccupied while you were in the store? That's an interesting choice of words... In any case, this depends on your policy and the state you live in. In the state I work in, the personal auto policy actually EXCLUDES damages caused by you or to your vehicle if they occurred while you were in the scope of your employment. This means if you filed the claim with your own insurance, they would DENY it because while within the scope of your employment, your vehicle is covered under your employer's insurance policy. Talk to someone in the risk management department of your company and explain what happened. They'll be able to advise you of your options and can probably assist you with filing a claim.

      by ezlndylan - 7 hours ago

    • actually, since you were within the scope of their direction, they are responsible.

      by ryan c - 7 hours ago

    • Stupid question...what happened to people taking responsibly for there own mistakes. You crash the car, your fault!

      by MH - 7 hours ago

    • In order to qualify for workers comp your injury (damage to your car) must have been BOTH within the Course AND Scope of your employment. IF your supervisor told you to run that errand then, your employer would ordinarily be liable. (There are exceptions) Workers' comp will take presidence over auto, so they will likely process your claim thru workers comp first. THEN workers comp would either deny the claim (because you had NO physical injury) - OR they will open a claim for you & WorkComp could go after the person who was responsible for causing the injury/damage. THEN you can file a claim thru your auto insurance, then they would pay your claim & they may pursue your employer to recover. There may be additional questions that the insurance company may ask... i.e. whether you were "on the clock", who assigned you to run that errand, whether you had violated any company policies, or violated any laws at the time of the injury, etc. For additional insight you may want to check out Prarielaw.com - they have a question-answer forum. Or visit www.GettingWorkersComp.com

      by *??SnowShoer1??* - 7 hours ago

    • Ask your company if they have a commercial auto policy or garage policy. If the company asked you to conduct business in your car then your vehicle should be automatically covered under your employers policy. Remember your policy is a personal auto policy not to be used for business unless you have advised your company that you will do so for additional premium.

      by Bob - 7 hours ago

    • No. There is a very infrequently used coverage, called "non-owned physical damage" but very few companies carry it, as the number of claims they would put in for it would triple their rates.

      by mbrcatz - 7 hours ago

    • unbelievable! of course they are responsible. that is if you have insurance through your company. but even if you dont. you can file workmens comp. seriously! you drove your car for your company to a location. was the accident your fault? if it was then i think you might have some hard time making them responsible for it. but if it wasnt your fault, i think your company should pay for the damages. talk to your boss about this. dont let it go on without talking about it. k?

      by All4Christ - 7 hours ago

    • if they ask you to use your car, yes, they are liable.

      by dingbat - 7 hours ago

    • Pull your head out of the sand, who was driving?

      by charley - 7 hours ago

    • u trashed it so u are responsible for it you were behind the wheel so you pay for it:)

      by euro_hunk2 - 7 hours ago

    • Why should they be? They weren't operating the vehicle, you were.

      by . - 7 hours ago

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