I'm being bugged by my landlord?!help?

he can't just accuse me of things.when it's NOT Me doing anything wrong!
maybe he wants to be a jerk.but i have a 7 year old son.he cannot go accusing me of flushing things down the toilet when no one is doing such a thing!there are other people who live in the building.but i did not flush anything in the toilet.or ever done that!i'm just tired of him blaming me.i don't even get my period what's he talking about.please help!he is trying to Evict me.and it's not me.the building is Old like him.and the plumbing you cannot tell what apartment it is coming from so he needs to get out of my face.or i will sue him for harassment.

3 years ago - 2 answers

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ya i was going to say tell him its harassment, but looks like you got it covered

3 years ago

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sue everything he owns.
then own his land

by シックなオオカミ - 3 years ago