does ohio have buyers remorse law?

as far as a vehicle goes. bought the vehicle in ohio but live in kentucky. had the vehicle for 2 weeks

3 years ago - 4 answers

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Did you finance it? Is your deal funded?

Check with your finance company. If the deal is NOT yet funded, you can unwind it yourself by telling the bank you don't want the car.....tell them you won't make payments and they will cancel the contract.

Otherwise, you are stuck in it.

3 years ago

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Nope. 3 days on door to door sales and some installment loan contracts.

by wizjp - 3 years ago

Don't know about Ohio / Kentucky... but buyers remorse is usually 3 days, if it exists.

by A Hunch - 3 years ago

The Right of Rescission does not apply to you going to a dealership to purchase a vehicle; it is only if someone goes to your house & sells you something. Usually the Right of Rescission expires after 72 business hours.

If it applied in your case, the deadline has long since passed.

by R P - 3 years ago