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    Around how much would my mortgage payment be for a house that costs $190,000?

    with 3.5-5% interest on 30 years. how much would it be monthly (estimate)? and how much down payment would it be? closing costs?
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    With 3.5% down your down payment will be $6650. Your closing costs will vary from place to place and will also depend on whether or not you pay any points (a point is 1% of your loan amount) to obtain a lower interest rate. I ran an estimate for my area and came up with fees of $3100. You also need to pay the first year of insurance up front, and start with two months of property tax and insurance to establish your escrow account. Using 2% of the purchase price as an estimate for annual taxes and $720 annual for insurance, you'll need an additional $1500 for these prepaid expenses. Your total cash needed for closing would be $6650 + $3100 + $1500 = $11,250. If you pay a point, add another $1833 to that amount. The monthly payment at 4.5% would be $938.30 P&I + $174.42 PMI + $60 Ins. + $316.67 tax = $1489.39. Tax and insurance can also vary from place to place and what type of coverage you choose. Only you can pay the down payment but you can negotiate with the seller to pay all or part of your other closing expenses. Have someone who has had a good experience with a lender refer you to a good one in your area.
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    • http://www.bankrate.com/calculators/mortgages/mortgage-calculator.aspx http://www.mortgage-investments.com/Mortgage_and_real_estate_Calculators/closing_cost_calculator.htm closing costs vary, and you didn't say how much downpayment.

      by Lolly - 13 hours ago

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