how long does it take to get approved for section 8?

i have a daughter and pregnant with second child. i receive public assistance and in college and needed to know how long does it take.

currently live at home with parents (temporary)
in the New Jersey state

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9 years in NJ.

You do not qualify on welfare anyway.

You are required to work 35 hours a week and collect child support both children.

3 years ago

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In most places right now, at LEAST 3-5 years IF they are accepting applications at all.

by the kid - 3 years ago

8 years waiting list in Atlanta,Ga.

by Tracey - 3 years ago

NONE for you. You must be gainfully employed and working a minimum of 32 hours a week
The average wait is 4 yrs.

by someone - 3 years ago

Not even people that work in the Section 8 office can answer that. There is no set time frame & it is IMPOSSIBLE to estimate. All any one (even their own staff) can give you is a general ball park & that would only be a guess. In general it can take months to years to even get on a waiting list in some areas.

FYI: College students typically do not qualify.


by Wildcat - 3 years ago

A few years like between 5 and 10 depending on the number of others on the waitlist. Being pregnant, having a child does not make you get a voucher any faster than anyone else.

by Flower - 3 years ago