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    can drug felons get low income housing?

    I am a drug felon and I'm looking for low income housing.I've been incarcerated for 41/2 years and I'm on parole for approx.another 2 years.Can you assist me in finding a program that fits my criteria,please.
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    it disqualifies you for a lot of things however i am sitting in a room right now with a felon who received food stamps and a section 8 housing voucher shortly after their release. talk to the housing authority and possibly your parole officer and they should be able to answer all your questions. good luck
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    • the person sitting in front of the bed..... thats me im not a convicted DRUG felon but i am a felon. A lot of what you are asking depends on what state you live in. Section 8 is very hard to get, the waiting period can be years, but there are programs set up for people who are comming out of jail... the state i was in i went to a half way house for a year when i got out and after i completed their program i was given a section 8 voucher, along with drug felons who also lived in the house. definitely ask your P.O. being a drug felon does NOT disqualify you for everything, whoever said that is uneducated and has no clue what they are talking about. however.. if you have section 8 and sell drugs out of that house, you are done... just as with any financial aid, FAFSA (federal student aid) will also cut you off for these reasons, with good reason... but if you have served your time and are working towards pulling your life back together there are many programs available to help and support you. yes being a felon will make reaching your goals difficult at times, i couldn't go to nursing school because of it. but find a way around these bumps or change your path slightly. make sure to ask your P.O. for resources it will show that you are interested in rehabilitation (of whatever kind) serving a sentence screws you up, you forget how to live on the outside and while you are trying to figure out how to live in society again you are met with people who are judgmental and will try to discourage you. These people however do not know how the system works. if your P.O. is of no help tell me what state you are in and i can do some research, but dont give up having a felony does not mean your life is over.

      by emowmeow - 4 hours ago

    • Being a felon makes you ineligible for ALL federally/state funded programs.

      by reenzz - 4 hours ago

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