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    How often does a carpet need to be replaced by the landlord in GEORGIA?

    My apartment complex is trying to charge me for new carpet for my apartment although we've been there for two years and I think the stains are "normal wear and tear". It's going to be about $900 for the new carpet but I believe I heard they have to change the carpet every two years. Please cite sources if possible.
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    If the carpet was not new when you moved in, they should only charge a pro-rated amount. If it was new, you probably have no case. There is no "law" requiring two-year carpet replacement.
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    • Never. Stains are damage, not normal wear and tear. Normal is what happens to 100% of carpets, and staining is certainly not normal.

      by Rex - 18 hours ago

    • there are no laws on the subject. carpet is deemed a luxury item. Landlords are not required to "supply or otherwise maintain" luxury items. you can ASK your landlord to help you with replacing the carpet or you can move somewhere else.

      by ? - 18 hours ago

    • No stains are normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear is from foot traffic, not stains. If there even is a law stating LL's have to replace carpets in a certain time frame, I guarantee it's a lot longer than 2 years. If that was the case, no apartments would have carpet, as it wouldn't be financially feasible.

      by Pascal the Gambler - 18 hours ago

    • You are entirely wrong in your approach. Landlords are NOT required to replace carpets unless such carpets are simply 'worn out'. Depending on usage, that could be ten to fifteen years of usage. Stains on carpet are NOT 'normal wear and tear'. Such is limited to the typical 'matting down and fiber wear' from normal use. I have NO idea where you heard that replacement is required every two years. That is simply NOT correct. If you stained the carpets, then you are expected to pay for replacement.

      by acermill - 18 hours ago

    • there are no laws on the subject

      by paapaa - 18 hours ago

    • no tenant should ever be charged fo new carpet unless they obviously destroyed it when it was brand new and since carpeting should easily last 10 yrs and you have been there only 2 yrs, only 20% of wear and tear can be attributed to you and they have be factoring that expense into the monthly rent as they go along - unfortunately, they might deduct money from your security deposit, but I would take them to court if they DO deduct it from your sec deposit, I would start looking for a new apt and NOT pay your last month's rent or two to get that money back

      by Zarg222 - 18 hours ago

    • Tenants should not be responsible for repairing or replacing items that are subject to normal wear and tear - including carpet. That's the landlord's responsibility and huge driving force behind tenants and the concept of renting vs buying a home. I'd tell them to go get "you know what'd." EDIT: People seem to be unclear as to what I said (by judging my comment being thumb-downed). Carpet being worn down is normal wear and tear. It's funny that people disagree with me, even though I have probably 10x the landlord experience they do - if they even have any at all.

      by Know It All - 18 hours ago

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