When an apartment listing says, "All utilities included," what does this mean?

Is electricity considered a ultility? Sorry if this is a dumb question. I'm looking for my first apartment, and I'm confused. Thanks!

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Generally, it means water/sewer/trash and sometimes electricity. You would have to ask to be sure electricity was included. Also, gas if the oven/range is gas instead of electric.


3 years ago

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heating, water, electricity and most likely kitchen appliances ie blender

by Alex - 3 years ago

Yes.Also,water,and natural gas.You will also be asked to pay a deposit,make sure you take someone knowledgeable with you.

by redeye53 - 3 years ago

It means exactly what it says- utilities (water, electric, gas, garbage, etc) are included. Non-utilities (cable, phone, internet, etc) are not.

If you are at all unsure about what would need to be paid, ask the landlord.

EDIT: If you are looking in areas that have propane, you will want to double check with the landlord. Most landlords (in my area at least) will cover utilities but NOT propane, because it is so expensive.

by Brittney - 3 years ago