How much would a new roof cost on my 1500 square foot house cost. I live in Arlington,TX.?

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Roof costs are determined by the number of "squares". Assuming your roof is a simple up and over without a lot of dormers, like a ranch house for example, picture your roof like you were looking at it from a helicopter. How wide is it? How long is it?

Lets say your roofs length x width equals 1500 sq feet. You have a 15 "square" roof. Roofers charge $ per sq. $400 per square is pretty common in my area for a strip and reroof. So, $400 x 15 would equal: $6000.

Of course, the charge is subject to many things, ie what type of shingles you want, the condition of the sheathing, dormers, chimneys, the height off the ground, etc.

Figure out approx what your squares are and call around for some estimates.

3 years ago

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i don't want to lie to you 1500 square is a lot i say 25,000 to 30,000

by roofer one on one - 3 years ago