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    Can I sue the apartment complex for bedbugs?

    I live in orange park florida. I have bedbugs in my apartment building that was brought in my the new tenants that live above me. I have been in this unit for almost 3 years. When I found the bugs I went to the office and they sent out the pest control company. This has been going on for almost 2 mnths now. Me and my kids are getting bitten and I am still seeing the bugs in the apartment. I have been forced to get rid of my furniture. I asked for the complex to just let me out of my lease and they told me no. I was not asking for any of my money that I am out to be given back. I have 5 mnths left on the lease I just want out. They said they wont let me out because the have assesed the problem from the beginning. They may have assesed the problem but the bugs are not gone.
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    We have a court system to help us whenever two people disagree. A lawyer might help you guess how a court would decide. If you still have bedbugs then they need to send someone back out. If you move right now you would probably need to exterminate all your belongings after you move out of that place and before you move into the new place. That is what I did with a bad roach problem several years back. Lots of spray and lots of cleaning. I have heard bed bugs can also be killed by heat above 120 degrees- so some exterminators are doing that - but of course it damages some belongings.
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    Other Answers

    • No you can't. You put your complaint in writing, they send an exterminator. They are abiding by the law.

      by ? - 10 hours ago

    • NO, as it's not their fault. Try suing the people who brought them in (which also won't work). They are working on the issue. That's what they have to do. It takes multiple treatments to get rid of bed bugs, they are very difficult to eliminate. You have no way to get out of your lease, and no basis for a lawsuit.

      by Pascal the Gambler - 10 hours ago

    • NO! They have done what there are legally required to do. It can legitimately take a couple visits from an exterminator to get rid of bugs. You have no legal grounds to break your lease or take any legal action against the landlord. Why is everyone so sue happy in this freaking country?????? You look at someone wrong & they want to sue you!! It is ridiculous & getting quite out of hand! EDIT: It is not just you. So many people in this country jump strait to wanting to sue someone for the slightest insult or the smallest offense..

      by Wildcat - 10 hours ago

    • I would bring your problem to your local small problems court and give them your info about the problem. They will do something about it but if the complex does not agree there is a possibility of suing.

      by ? - 10 hours ago

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