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    Whose responsibility is it to fix a clogged bathtub drain? Tenant or the landlord's?

    There are 3 female college students living in a house that I rent out. A few weeks ago, I was outside in the yard doing maintenance and one of the tenants actually complained that the other 2 girls do not clean out the drain after they shower and it is full of hair. I told her to speak with them about it. Yesteday, the same girl called me and said that the bathtub drain is clogged. I tried using Draino and it did not work. If I have a plumber come over, and they confirm that the hair in the drain is the problem... who is responsible for the cost of the repair? The tenants have lived here for 6 months and I believe the clog could have been prevented if the tenants cleaned the hair from the shower after each use...
    6 months ago 7 Answers

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    It is the tenants. This is neglect, nothing the landlord handles unless maid service is included in the lease.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • "fix a clogged bathtub drain? Tenant or the landlord's" Tenant's. And if the landlord has to do it, he can charge the tenant. "I tried using Draino " Draino doesn't work well on hair, no matter what they tell you. "I believe the clog could have been prevented if the tenants cleaned the hair from the shower after each use" You are absolutely right. Tenant's have the responsibility of maintaining the premises in good working order. They are not responsible for NORMAL "wear and tear", but they are responsible for negligently or abusively causing damages. This includes damage caused by not keeping a clean apartment. Carpets are supposed to be cleaned as often as you would a hard floor, ie daily. So a worn carpet from failing to vacuum the dirt is every bit the tenant's responsibility as burning a hole in it with a cigarette ash.

      by RoBear - 10 hours ago

    • Tenant's are. Call the plumber, bill the tenant's. Explain in writing they need to Clean trap after each use and once a week pour bleach down the drain. Have rented to single girls for more then 15 yrs. This works

      by ? - 10 hours ago

    • If it's their fault, they need to pay for it. Clogged drains are never the landlord's responsibility, unless there is something structurally wrong with the pipes, which I doubt is the case. The girls need to buy a better drain catch and make sure they clean their hair out each time they shower. That is disgusting; this is basic cleanliness!

      by ? - 10 hours ago

    • it is the tenant responsible for the blockage. It a simple thing to do, less the drain cleaner can charge £35 to clean it.

      by Naim - 10 hours ago

    • it is the lanlord responsibility, but if you find it is the problem then tell them to clean out the drain and tell them that they will have to pay to fix it next time (put it in writing too)

      by mazsheps - 10 hours ago

    • I have owned rental property for almost 40 years. I would consider this a 'landlord' problem. Perhaps you could talk to the ladies about hair in the drain -- don't you have a strainer in the drain to trap the hair before it goes down? That might be a good investment for you. I once had a tenant whose grandson frequently flushed apples down the toilet! I made a deal with her...If it is an apple in the toilet, you pay; anything else, I pay! She lived there for 14 years, until she died! She always paid the sewer guy! I have so many stories...!

      by Mary C - 10 hours ago

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