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    How long do you have to keep a roommate's abandoned property?

    My roommate left the house and was not seen or heard from for 10 weeks. He then said that he would come and pay some of the back rent at an agreed time and never showed. All the while, he has left his property (abandoned it) at my place. He was a month-to-month tenant with no lease. I have tried to contact him numerous times, leaving voice mails and sending text messages, about getting his things. I was wondering how long I have to hold on to his junk before I can get rid of it?
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    It varies greatly state-to-state: Some states declare you can toss/sell the abandoned property after a specific amount of time (30 days, 60 days, etc). Some declare you must place the abandoned property in a storage unit and charge the responsible party for the cost; they can be taken to small claims court if they don't comply. Some states are very unclear about this, stating only that a "reasonable" time must have passed. No one can guide you further without knpwing at least what state you are in.
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    • Give the former tenant notice, or any other person who you think might own the property, like a subtenant, for instance, that states what the property is, where it can be claimed, how long they have to claim it, what will happen if it's not claimed and how much it'll cost for you to store it Hand deliver the notice to the tenant or mail it to his or her last known address Sell the property at a public sale with competitive bidding if the property goes unclaimed and if it's worth more than a certain amount, typically somewhere around $300. If the property goes unclaimed and it's worth less than that amount, you can keep it or dispose of it in any way you like (throw it away) If you're having a public sale, you have to publish a notice of the sale, usually in the local newspaper. From the sale proceeds, you're entitled to recover your costs of publishing the notice, storing the property and holding the sale. The balance of the proceeds have to be given to the treasurer of the county where the sale took place, and if it goes unclaimed for at least one year, you can claim that money

      by pearlmar - 16 hours ago

    • You might want to do a quick check into it for where you live but here its only 30 days.

      by littleevilzombiegirl - 16 hours ago

    • Better ask yourself and take decision. no one else can advise on such matters.

      by Kerala Realtor - 16 hours ago

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